Safety Tips

Let’s all do our part to avoid accidental drownings:

*Before you enter the water from your boat, put on a lifejacket…CLIP BEFORE YOU DIP. It WILL save your life.

*Boats drift faster than people do in the water. Wind and currents can make this even worse.

*If someone needs help in the water, don’t jump in before putting a lifejacket on yourself. Many people have drowned while trying to save someone else. Better yet, try to reach the person with something (a rope, paddle, waterski, etc.), or throw something to them (a PFD, seat cushion, rescue ring, etc.)

*Make sure the lifejackets you have are of the proper size and fit for everyone in your boat.

*Anchor your boat if you intend to swim from it. This will help to prevent it from drifting away. Always make sure that someone is left onboard who is familiar with how to operate the boat if needed.

*Have a rope with a PFD attached to it tied to your boat while people are swimming so they can stay close. Swimmers are REQUIRED to stay within 50 feet of the boat while in the water.

*On Geneva Lake, anyone being towed on a tube, waterskis, wakeboard, surfboard, etc. is REQUIRED to wear a PFD.