Boat #4 – TNT Family

Acquired in 2013 with the help of Thomas and Taylor Gleitsman and family, along with other donors, Boat #4 is a twin to Boat #5…a solid, custom-built boat from Ocean Master in West Palm Beach, FL.  Equipped with twin inboard power and 4-blade nibral props, the boat is highly maneuverable and responsive.  Ocean Master’s legendary “bullet-proof” hull and efficient design make it an ideal patrol boat that is sure to stand the test of time as a workhorse for the fleet.  When storms or dangerous lake conditions exist, other boats head for shore, but often the Patrol does not have that luxury, answering calls for help in the toughest of conditions…and the Ocean Master can handle anything the lake might throw at it.  Its custom-designed removable transom makes it easier to retrieve patients from the water, and its open layout design allows for easy crew movement bow to stern.  All in all, this boat is a true asset to the lake community.