Boat #2 – The Vermonter

The Vermonter was acquired in 2022, thanks to a generous donation from the Stearns Family.  This Custom-Built boat features a hull designed by world-renowned yacht designer Dick Lazzara of Tampa, FL.

Some of the Custom features of this boat include a forward helm that provides extra work space in the back of the boat for working on boat tows and other assistance operations.  The wide open back end along with swing-open transom doors also allows for getting patients from the water into the boat easily.  The twin inboard engines are pushed further out toward the sides of the boat, and with the propellers further apart, greater maneuverability is achieved.  A tunnel drive system under the boat lessens the angle of the drive shafts, which results in faster planing and greater cruising efficiency.  A bow thruster adds the ultimate in precision maneuvering capabilities.

Brian and Sandy Stearns (pictured left) moved to Wisconsin from Vermont (thus the name of the boat), and fell in love with Geneva Lake, and subsequently with the mission of the Water Safety Patrol.  Their generosity in sponsoring this boat helps to keep that mission alive and enhances the Patrol’ s ability to continue to save lives and help those in distress.