Boat #3 – The Corbo

“The Corbo” was put into service for the start of the 2018 season, and was a gift from Corbett Ryan and family.  The boat was completely custom-designed with input from Corbett and other WSP crew members to come up with a boat that would be accessible for those with mobility challenges.  At the heart of the customization is a swing-out crane-mounted chair lift system that allows a person to be lifted from a pier directly into one of the boat seats (and vice versa).  A swivel boat seat further facilitates the process, and a customized, adjustable footrest ensures proper positioning.

Another unique feature to this boat is a hydraulically-controlled transom that lowers down to the water allowing crew members to easily get injured or distressed patients from the water into the boat.  A heavy-duty tow post is mounted in the aft portion, and a large,raised storage locker is located in the bow section.  The open design allows for easy walk-around movement from bow to stern, making an ideal work platform.  A bow thruster adds enhanced maneuverability to an already highly-maneuverable vessel which helps when towing boats or working with capsized vessels.

A state-of the art two-way radio with wireless microphone allows crew members to communicate more easily, even from a distance of 500 feet from the boat.  Fully-electronic shifter/throttle controls provide smooth operation and automatic engine syncing, and a sonar/GPS/depth finder unit can be used for rescue operations and location marking.

A true team effort went into the design of this boat, and the result is a solid, versatile vessel that can handle the many duties and heavy demands of patrol work, while also accommodating those with mobility challenges.