Swim Lessons

Cancellations:  If it is raining heavily or if there is lightning//thunder during your scheduled time, the lesson is canceled for that time slot.

The Patrol offers Swimming Lessons during the summer months at six different Geneva Lake locations. The program follows the guidelines of the American Red Cross, and offers instruction for all skill levels from Pre-Beginner through Advanced Swimmer and Lifeguard Training. All lessons are 30-minutes in length.  The cost and tentative schedule are below:

    • Twice-per-week program – $40.00 (for the entire summer program!)
    • Once-per-week program – $30.00  (for the entire summer program!)
 Beach Twice/Week Program Mon. & Wed.
Twice/Week Program Tues. & Thurs.
 Once/Week Program Fridays only
 Lake Geneva Beach  mornings  NA mornings
 Fontana Beach NA mornings mornings
 Williams Bay Beach afternoons NA afternoons
 Linn Pier NA  NA afternoons
 Knollwood NA afternoons NA
Buena Vista Association NA afternoons NA


Please register IN-PERSON at our Headquarters located on Aurora University’s George Williams College Campus. Registration will begin Monday, June 21st and go through Saturday, June 26th (Lessons begin June 29). You may ONLY register during the following hours:

Monday, June 21:        9:30am to 12 noon
Tuesday, June 22:       9:30am to 12 noon
Wednesday, June 23: 9:30am to 12 noon
Thursday, June 24:     9:30am to 12 noon
Friday, June 25:          9:30am to 12 noon OR 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Saturday, June 26:     9:30am to 12:00 noon

Instructors will be on hand to take registration during the above dates and times. Please come ONLY during the hours listed.

2021 Swim Lessons

Lessons begin June 28 and end August 6. Participants can choose from a twice-a-week program or a once-per-week program (Fridays only). Please click here for a Registration Form and bring with you to registration; you will need one form for each participant. 

MON/WED-     Morning lessons at Lake Geneva (offered 10am, 10:30am, 11am, 11:30am) and Afternoon lessons at Williams Bay (offered 1pm, 1:30pm, 2pm, 2:30pm) MOST levels are offered every half hour

TUE/THURS              1:00pm           1:30pm           2:00pm               2:30pm

KNOLLWOOD-     Swimmer           Beginner 2     Intermediate      H2O Masters

                               Beginner 3      Beginner 1     Adv. Swimmer      Adv. Beginner

BUENA VISTA-     Beginner 3      Adv. Beg.        Beginner 1         Swimmer   

                              Intermediate    Adv. Swimmer   Beginner 2     H2O Masters



FRIDAYS               10:00am              10:30am                   11:00am                11:30am

LAKE GENEVA-   Beginner 3        Beginner 2             Adv Beginner     Intermediate

——-                     Beginner 1      Adv. Swimmer         Beginner 2           Beginner 3

——-                     Beginner 2        Beginner 1           Beginner 1            H2O Masters



FONTANA-         Beginner 3        Beginner 2             Parent-Tot               Beginner 2    

——-                  Beginner 1       Adv. Swimmer           Beginner 3           Intermediate

——-                  Beginner 2           Adv. Beginner        Beginner 1          H2O Masters



Afternoon               1:00pm              1:30pm              2:00pm                   2:30pm

 WILLIAMS BAY-   Beg. 2              Beg. 3               H2O Masters         Intermediate

——-                      Beg. 3               Adv. Beg.         Intermediate          Beg. 1

——-                      Adv. Beg.          Adv. Swim.       Beg. 2                    Parent Tot

——-                      Swimmer          Beg. 1              Adv. Beg.                 Beg. 2

——-                      Beg. 1                Beg. 2             Swimmer                 Beg. 3



Linn Pier:

   1:00pm              1:30pm                        2:00pm                             2:30pm

Beg. 1 & 2      Beg. 3 & Adv. Beg.      Inter. & Swimmer    Adv. Swim & H2O Masters